Coming soon

I’m going to be posting a video of me making desert and i will be posting more videos with recipe for the deserts.

The reader will have to come back because i’m going to be releasing a video of different deserts every week. My deserts are good if you want to keep your body health and still eat what you love. Every week i’m making a video cooking the deserts and my next coming post we will be making blueberry muffins.


Misra’s food

I like Ethiopian food for example injera is my favorite I also like cooking different types of cultural food and I enjoy eating it.

Who am I and why I’m here

I’m a new blogger and i’m here to entertain people who like to cook and how to make cultural food. and different kind of staff and why people like that kind of food. why the foods were popular and people love this kind of food. On my blog you will learn how to make different kinds of foods and you get to pick which was your favorite.